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Peterson’s Lookout

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Peterson’s Lookout is not the first attraction that comes to mind when you think of the huge Gippsland region, but underrated places have the advantage of being uncrowded and peaceful. That is what this hidden gem in West Gippsland (Tyers Park) has to offer.

Vews of the Tyers River Gorge and Latrobe Valley from Peterson's Lookout
Breathtaking views of the Tyers River Gorge in the Latrobe Valley

In fact, we had the whole place to ourselves for most of our time spent there. Well, that’s if we don’t count the non-humans that live there.

The viewing platforms stand high above the Tyers River Gorge and provide expansive views of Tyers Park and Latrobe Valley. The vast landscape looked wild but harmoniously structured at the same time. The scenery is simply breathtaking.

The river glistening in the later-afternoon sunlight looked magical. The light and shadows embracing the luscious green vegetation was even more captivating.

View of Tyers River Gorge from Peterson's Lookout
Looking down at the Tyers River Gorge surrounded by lush green vegetation

While it's hard to look away from the refreshing views, it's worth keeping an eye out for the large conglomerate rocks on the sides of the platforms. These rock formations look like lots of little stones stuck together.

Conglomerate rocks at Peterson's Lookout
Conglomerate rocks beside the platforms

The constant sound of flowing water was soothing. It was pleasantly complemented by beautiful bird songs and (some amusing bird calls). We spotted a red-tailed black cockatoo fly over us as we were heading back to the carpark, which earned some child-like squeals from us.

It didn't take long for the shoulders to relax and the breath to deepen as we admired the depths of the magnificient views here. That we lost track of time should come as no surprise!

Getting to Peterson’s Lookout

Peterson’s Lookout is located within Tyers Park, about 20 minutes from Moe. Getting there takes a bit of attention, because there’s only a little brown street sign pointing to this lookout (and our navigation app was a bit slow in directing us to take the left turn.)

It’s a bumpy ride on gravel road for a few minutes before you reach the carpark (you’ll see a picnic bench when you arrive at the carpark). Alternatively, you can walk the W2 track from Tyers-Walhalla Rd.

Peterson's Lookout
Picnic table beside the carpark

From the carpark, it is a short (~400m) but steep descent to the platforms. Shoes with a good grip are recommended because the descent can be a bit slippery (there are railings for support). But once you get there, the natural scenes won’t disappoint!


All images in this post are mine. To purchase or obtain a licence for the use of any of these images, feel free to contact me. Or check out more of my nature photos and videos.


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