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My story

Hi! My name is Geeta.

It’s a bit challenging for an introverted person like me to put myself out there, but I thought it’s worth sharing who I am and what I’ve set out to achieve with this blog. So here it goes.


I have always been attracted to nature. Growing up in Fiji, I insisted on being taken to the beach after school every day. And I was obsessed with the colour green. Even after moving to Australia, some of my brightest memories come from the outdoors. But back then, I didn’t realise what nature meant to me.


It was only after I developed an interest in landscape photography that I became conscious of my deep-rooted connection with nature. This interest took me to some enchanting places where I only became more immersed in nature. 

I’ve been sharing my nature photos and videos on social media for a number of years now. Those photos have inspired some to visit the places I had photographed. Some found calm in my nature photos during turbulent times. And realising my photos were having these impacts was rewarding.


But the greatest pleasure always comes not when someone likes or comments on my photos, but when my family and friends send me photos of wildlife or landscapes that they themselves had just seen and appreciated. To realise that someone, especially those who lead busy lives, had paused and experienced the beauty of nature never fails to give me a high. And is there a bigger complement than being remembered during someone’s moment of beauty?!


Over the past few years, I have come to learn of the numerous health benefits of nature. In fact, nature has been a comforting refuge during my own battles. Whether it was after witnessing a ruthless person plough through pedestrians in Melbourne or in coming to terms with my diagnosis of endometriosis, nature has always provided a sanctuary full of peace and calm. The COVID-19 lockdowns only highlighted the therapeutic value of nature even more. 


As for many others, the quiet lockdown period brought me some mental clarity. I realised that I get the biggest kick not in showing off my photography, but out of helping others reconnect with nature – especially those who are caught up in the chaos of modern life or have become disconnected with nature. It dawned upon me that if my experiences can motivate someone to pause and step outside, even for five minutes, then I should continue to share them.


So what have I set out to do? I have created this space to share:

  • ideas for reconnecting with nature, 

  • places for immersing in nature

  • research on the health benefits of nature, and

  • tips for practicing mindfulness in nature.


I hope you will find my blog posts of value. Feel free to comment or contact me to share your own experiences with nature – I’d love to hear from you!

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